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File: 146015. Volume: 1316 GByte

CatalogL`union des Republiques Sovietiques Socialistes (l`URSS)Les repertoires → La radiobibliotheque massive
Title: V. Ya. Solovov. Oscillographic measurements
Release 683
List: 4
Byte: 657436
Note: MASS Release of 683 V RADIO LIBRARY. Ya. Solovov. Oscillographic measurements "ENERGY" MOSCOW 1968 Solovov V. Ya. Oscillographic measurements. M, "Energy", 1968. 56 pages about silt. (Mass radio library. Vyp. 683). Practical methods of use of an electron beam oscillograph for measurement of parameters of various electric signals and characteristics of knots and elements of radio schemes are described. Measurements as by means of ELO calibrators, and in total ELO with the auxiliary equipment are in detail considered. The brochure is designed for radio fans and students of average educational institutions. Solovov Vladimir Yakovlevich Oscillographic measurements
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