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CatalogL`union des Republiques Sovietiques Socialistes (l`URSS)Les repertoires → La radiobibliotheque massive
Title: Radio fan`s year-book. Under edition of the Hero of the Soviet Union E.T.Krenkel
Release 675
List: 191
Byte: 30560207
Note: MASS Release RADIO LIBRARY 675 Radio Fan`s Year-book. Under edition of the Hero of the Soviet Union E.T.Krenkel "ENERGY" MOSCOW 1968 Year-book of the radio fan, under edition E.T.Krenkelya. M, "Energy", 1968. 288 p. about silt. (Mass radio library). Vyp. 675. The book contains an overview of events and achievements in the field of radio electronics, a radio communication, a radiofikation and a radio amateurism to the 50 anniversary of the Great October socialist revolution, and also short radio chronology for 1964-1967. The review of novelties of mass radio equipment is given. The oldest radio fans tell about origin of a radio amateurism. The important place in the book is given to descriptions of the radio amateur designs noted at the XXII All-Union radio exhibition the Bibliographic section contains the materials devoted to the 20 anniversary of Mass radio library and the thematic catalog - the index of MRB from 1964 to 1967 inclusive. In it also the review of the literature for radio fans released other publishing houses for the last 3 years is given. In the conclusion certificates of new electron tubes, semiconductor devices and radio components are given. RADIO FAN`S YEAR-BOOK Editor originator V. A. Burlyand
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