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File: 146015. Volume: 1316 GByte

CatalogMapsRussia → Strelbitsky`s card. 10th impositions
Title: Special map of the European Russia. Square 75-a2
With the part of Western Europe and Asia Minor adjoining to it. Scale is 10 versts in inch.
Editing: Strelbitsky I.A.
Byte: 1979864
Note: Strelbitsky Ivan Afanasyevich - the General Staff the lieutenant general, the general from an infanteriya, one of the most famous modern cartographers; was born in 1828 in the Poltava province; upon termination of a course at the school of land surveyors which was at the Kiev university came on service to the boundary case, then the regiment passed in St. Petersburg grenadierial the king Friedrich Wilhelm III; in 1861 about
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