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Library of historical information

Councils beginner
Methodical materials Councils, Articles
Archives. Databases
Federal archives Central archive of the Ministry of Defence Regional archives Databases Archives of the Russian Empire Archives of Ukraine
Lists of the occupied places
Lists of the occupied places till 1917 Lists of the occupied places after 1917 USSR RSFSR Republics of the Soviet Socialist Republic Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic USSR areas Plans of a land surveying
Address calendars and memorable books
Address calendars Memorable books Help book Guide Calendars
Audits and population censuses
Pistsovy books Revizsky fairy tales Census books Population census of 1897 Lists of noblemen Lists of merchants, industrialists Lists of inhabitants, persons Census of 1926 Census of 1939 Lists of military Lists of officials Statistics Book of memory
Registers of births
Registers of births of Orthodox Christians Registers of births of mosques Registers of births of Catholics Registers of births edinoverchesky Registers of births Judaic
Historical researches
Country history History of the district, area City history Village history Family history Stories and Antiquities History and Stories History of religions
The orthodox The Muslim The Catholic The Judaic Patrology The Greek The Latin Diocesan sheets The Arkhangelsk The Astrakhan Blagoveschensky The Vladivostok The Vladikavkaz The Vologda The Voronezh Donskoy The Kamchatka The Kishinev The Nizhny Novgorod The Orenburg The Perm The Poltava The Riga The Ryazan The Stavropol The Tobolsk The Tomsk History of the Russian church Graduates of seminaries and schools 
World Europe Russia Russia maps Maps of regions of Russia (selection of I) Maps of regions of Russia (selection of II) Atlas of Russia of 1792 Atlas of the Russian Empire of 1824 Maps of the cities of Russia Schemes of the subway and trams RKKA cards M-34-500m RKKA cards M-35-500m RKKA N-34-1km cards RKKA N-35-1km cards PKKA N-36 cards (1 km) RKKA N-37-1km cards PKKA O-35 cards RKKA O-37-1km cards Russia maps (selection of III) Atlases PKKA N-36 cards (500 m) Topographic map of vicinities of St. Petersburg Special card of the Western part of Russia (Schubert`s card) Military Topographic map of the Russian Empire Collection of topographic maps of the USSR 1:100000 Collection of topographic maps of the USSR 1:200000 Collection of topographic maps of the USSR 1:50000 Collection of topographic maps of the USSR 1:500000 Schubert`s card of 3 versts. (national team) RKKA O-38-1km cards RKKA O-34-1km cards RKKA O-34-500m cards RKKA O-35-500m cards RKKA N-37-500m cards RKKA O-34-500m cards RKKA O-36-500m cards RKKA O-37-500m cards RKKA O-38-500m cards Strelbitsky`s card. 10th impositions Ukraine Ukraine 1860-1890 Pre-war Cards of the General Staff of Ukraine (1:50000) Ukraine. Schubert`s cards Belarus Belarus 1860-1890 Belarus 1941 (German kilometers) Belarus. Schubert`s cards Moldova Moldova. Schubert`s cards 
Flags, Coats of arms, Coins
Flags Mira Coats of arms Russia Armorial Numismatics Treasures
Cards Cities Engravings Restoration
Factories, plants Fairs, exhibitions Economic description Statistics Works
Books, magazines, dictionaries, songs
Books Magazines to the revolutionary Antiquities and old times The military and historical Homeland Russian old times Belief and Reason Russian calendar Russian archive Russian messenger University news Contemporary Time Bulletin of Europe Ministries of national education Russian thought Domestic notes Actor Messenger Yugo-Zapadnoy and Western Russia Apollo Son of the fatherland Theological messenger Historical bulletin Spark Prison messenger Picturesque review Field Nature Dictionaries Encyclopedias Magazines Soviet Radio Modeller-designer Rarity Collections Necropolis Brockhaus and Efron Cossacks Russian Army Newspapers to the revolutionary East Dawn Eastern Siberia East Edge Voice of Siberia Agency telegrams Russia East review Perm provincial sheets Red North (News Vologda) Siberian messenger of policy, literature and public life Azov Region Tomsk provincial sheets Siberian life Olonets provincial sheets Nizhny Novgorod provincial sheets Nizhny Novgorod territorial newspaper Russian musical newspaper Siberian newspaper Siberian thought Morning light Reference books and reference books Literary newspaper Newspapers Soviet Red star News Literary newspaper Buryat Mongolsky truth East Siberian truth Soviet Sakhalin Truth Truth (TV program) Light (Ingush newspaper) Ostyako-Vogulsky truth Stalin tribune Chkalovsky tribune 
Laws Emperor Thought Police Ministry National education Internal affairs 
Cossacks The great Russian
Books Magazines Kiev old times Reference books Cards Ukraine 1860-1890 GSh pre-war Cards of Ukraine (1-50.000) Ukraine. Schubert`s cards Newspapers Freedom 
Books Cards Belarus 1860-1890 Belarus 1941 (German kilometers) Belarus. Schubert`s cards 
Books Magazines Newspapers Cards
Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR)
Books Magazines Modeller-designer Modeller-designer (cuttings) Young modeller-designer Round the world Radio Science and life Hunter Knowledge force Inventor and rationalizer Crocodile Homeland wings Change Ural pathfinder Newspapers Komsomolskaya Pravda Arguments and facts Reference books Mass radio library Encyclopedias Big Soviet Encyclopedia (BSE) Short chemical encyclopedia 
The world - World
Cards 100 years Of National Geographic Maps - Cards in 100 years of National Geographic (1888-1999) Different world maps Different maps of Europe 

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