App - "cryptographer" for Windows

Store valuable information in an encrypted form!
Today, information is one of the main assets for the livelihoods of people and the companies. И it must be protected. Protecting information means to ensure its availability, confidentiality and integrity.
Such information to include:
  • Usernames and passwords to various Internet portals
  • Financial data (credit card numbers, PИH codes, passwords, Internet banking, etc.)
  • Passport details
  • Photos or scanned documents
  • Other personal information
    On our hard drives is written: addresses, phone numbers, photos and videos, ideas, diaries, studies, collections of valuable materials, confidential information, passwords and pin-codes. All "acquired by overwork". Tens and hundreds of gigabytes of information, which for the owner is much more expensive than the computer itself. If not PRICELESS!
    Remember - information needs reliable protection!
    Many users write down their passwords and pin codes on scraps of paper, memory, PDAs, and cell phones, flash drives and leave these records readily available for intruders. Иx easily find experts in social engineering and "razgrebli garbage." Attackers are using more sophisticated technology - password hacking, phishing, sniffing, attack type "man in the middle", etc.
    Before us is often raises questions:
  • Many different passwords (to mail, to purse, to something else). It is not possible to remember them all! Where they can be kept safe? In a safe place, so that they can be easily and quickly extract and use?

    Иany confidential information (ideas, studies for business): how to reliably keep it from curious eyes?

  • Computer use in the firm not just me. How to make access to your files on it was just me?
    we Have to take the time to deal with the security of HIS ИNFORMATИИ!
    To solve this problem created by the software package: "file encryption", "encrypt Editor" and "password Generator". The package uses proven and strong encryption methods GOST, Blowfish, IDEA, Misty1, Rijndael, Twofish, Cast128, Cast256, RC2, RC5, RC6, DES, TEA. Added more encryption methods CHR, and BIT using the file-key. Can be used as a single method or multiple methods of encryption.

  • program Description

    Cipher -

    "file encryption" - allows you to encrypt individual files and recursively all files in a folder and subfolders.
  • encryption and decryption of files on method GOST, Blowfish, IDEA, Misty1, Rijndael, Twofish, Cast128, Cast256, RC2, RC5, RC6, DES, TEA on password;
  • encryption and decryption of files on method CHR, BIT using the file-key;
  • select one or more methods of encryption;
  • creation of a separate encrypted file with the extension .cip;
  • complete removal of the source file.
    The program offers two options to save the result of file encryption. The first option is the encryption of the actual file. The second option is store the result of encryption to a new file, adding the extension of the CIP file. If you choose the second option, you can optionally enable the option to delete the source file. The program first the file source will set all bits to zero and then deletes the file, bypassing the recycle bin. Then you can restore the information that was in the file, is not possible.

  • "encrypt Editor" - text editor with built-in encryption feature that combines ease of use, reliability and portability.
    Confidential information is best stored in an encrypted text file. For this purpose, a program "encrypt Editor". It is necessary to enter one password to access all your passwords. Even if you steal all of your files with passwords, to thieves they will be USELESSИ. Иif you e.g. lose your flash drive, you lose only flash, NOT PASSWORDИ.
    The editor works with text in UNICODE format, therefore, you can enter any characters, including characters. Иinformation in the editor, you can put them in the format in which you are accustomed.

    "password Generator" - it is necessary to frequently change their passwords. To generate a password or a username you can use the program "password Generator". The program will create a password of any length and of any set of characters. Before generating the password, you must enter the password length "Password Length" and select the character set (put "tick"), which will form a password string. Press the F2 key or the mouse the first button, generate password. The generated password will be displayed in the field . To copy password to the clipboard, you can press F5 or click with the mouse the second button.
    br> The software package "encoder" - to provide reliable cryptographic protection of Your confidential data. Programs can be saved on a flash drive and run them on any computer. Versions exist for Windows and Linux.

    Important thing to remember method(s) encryption and password. To decipher would be impossible.

    Methods of encryption used in the program is pretty reliable. But if you want, I think they QR in the laboratories of the CIA or the KGB. If your files are not sensitive, then you can use the program.
    file encryption
    file encryption
    encrypt Editor
    encrypt Editor
    password Generator
    password Generator