Application "Pedigree animal" iOS iPad

Pedigree animal
The program is designed to create a pedigree animal. Maintain information about the animal: Name, Gender, Father, Mother, date of birth, date of death, Place of birth, Place of death, Name, note, Child, Son, Daughter, Brother, Sister, Wife, Husband, Wife, date of wedding, Place of wedding, Place of life, Breed, Color, Sizes, Weight, Owner, Certificate, Award, Country. Their pictures and videos about them.
Program features:

  compiling a list of animals;

  construction of a pedigree animal;

  construction of a pedigree of branches of the animal;

  Compiling a list of generations;

  drawing up General and personal photo album; and

  drawing up General and personal video archive;

  Saving data in the archive.

pedigree of animal family genus father mother son daughter
List of animals
List animals
Information about the animal
Information about animals
the Pedigree of the animal
Pedigree animal
List of generations of animals
List of generations of animals
Pedigree map
Pedigree card